Welcome to my personal web site. It includes my blog, a catalog of useful web sites I've collected over the years, photos I've taken on various trips, software I've written, etc.

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Arthur A. Gleckler

Lisp in Person

The Bay Area Lisp and Scheme Users Group meets a few times every year to discuss many topics from a Lisp and Scheme point of view.

To date, we have thirty-two talks on our YouTube playlist.

Countdown Calendar

Use my countdown calendar to count the days until an important event.

Weerd Talk

I gave a talk on Weerd, my TRS-80 video game, at Tandy Assembly 2018.

Growing Schemes

I gave a talk on SRFI, the Scheme Requests for Implementation, at the Scheme Workshop 2018.

USA map

Push-pin Maps

Use these interactive maps to visualize where you've been in the USA and in the world.