In 1982, Big Five Software published Weerd, a video game I had written for the Radio Shack TRS-80 microcomputer.

In 2011, I was thrilled to discover the TRS-80 emulator written by Peter Phillips in JavaScript. Peter created it by translating the TRS-80 emulator his brother George had written in C. With Peter's help, I got Weerd running on it.

Because of their great work, you can enjoy Weerd in a web browser.

The TRS-80 had some keys that modern keyboards don't have, so the emulator lets you use other keys instead. Here are the emulator's equivalents of the TRS-80 keys that you'll need to play Weerd:

TRS-80 key emulator key
break esc
clear \

Unfortunately, there's no sound under the emulator so far. You'll have to use your imagination to hear the sound effects (and occasional voice).

Take a step back in time, and have fun!

At Tandy Assembly in 2018, I gave a talk on how I wrote Weerd. Here are the slides and the video.