photograph of Arthur

Welcome to my personal web site. It includes my blog, links to talks I've given and software I've written, etc.

When I registered this domain in the previous millenium, it was already hard to find a good domain name. I chose speechcode.com because of the speech code in the novels of Adam Hall, one of my favorite spy authors. Since then, another meaning of the term has become common. I certainly didn't, and don't, intend any association with that idea. In fact, I support FIRE, The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, and I encourage you to, too.

My favorite programming language is Scheme, which is a dialect of Lisp. It's simple, elegant, and powerful, and there are several excellent implementations of it, including Chez Scheme, Chibi, GNU Guile, MIT/GNU Scheme, Racket, and Scsh. I am editor of SRFI, the Scheme Requests for Implementation, a standards process for Scheme that started in 1998.

My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I. I wrote lots of code in BASIC, Z80 assembly language, etc. My biggest project on the TRS-80 was the game Weerd, which I finished in 1981. I licensed it to Big Five Software, who sold it all over the world. You can run it today in your browser. I gave a talk about writing Weerd at Tandy Assembly in 2018.

For the sake of nostalgia, I'm hosting an old version of the Jargon File.

Thank you for visiting.