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 QUUX [invented by Steele. Mythically, from the Latin semi-deponent
       verb QUUXO, QUUXARE, QUUXANDUM IRI; noun form variously QUUX (plural
       QUUCES, Anglicized to QUUXES) and QUUXU (genitive plural is QUUXUUM,
       four U's in seven letters).] 1. Originally, a meta-word like FOO and
       FOOBAR. Invented by Guy Steele for precisely this purpose when he was
       young and naive and not yet interacting with the real computing
       community. Many people invent such words; this one seems simply to
       have been lucky enough to have spread a little. 2. interj. See FOO;
       however, denotes very little disgust, and is uttered mostly for the
       sake of the sound of it. 3. n. Refers to one of four people who went
       to Boston Latin School and eventually to MIT: THE GREAT QUUX: Guy L.
       Steele Jr. THE LESSER QUUX: David J. Littleboy THE MEDIOCRE QUUX: Alan
       P. Swide (This taxonomy is said to be similarly applied to three
       Frankston brothers at MIT.) QUUX, without qualification, usually
       refers to The Great Quux, who is somewhat infamous for light verse and
       for the "Crunchly" cartoons. 4. The Micro Quux: Sam Lewis.
       5. QUUXY: adj. Of or pertaining to a QUUX.