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 Notes on updating this file: This file is maintained at three
       locations. It is AIWORD.RF[UP,DOC] at SAIL, and GLS;JARGON > at
       MIT-MC and at MIT-AI. If you make any changes, please FTP the new file
       to the other location. (NOTE: Use ASCII mode in FTP to avoid screwing
       up the tilde char!) It is also a good idea to compare this file
       against the copy on the other machine before FTP'ing and to merge any
       changes found there, in case someone else forgot to do the FTP. Also,
       please let us know (see list of names below) about your changes so
       that we can double-check them. Try to conform to the format already
       being used--70 character lines, 3-character indentations,
       pronunciations in parentheses, etymologies in brackets, single-space
       after def'n numbers and word classes, etc. Stick to the standard ASCII
       character set. If you'd rather not mung the file yourself, send your
       definitions to DON @ SAIL, GLS @ MIT-AI, and/or MRC @ SAIL. The last
       edit (of this line, anyway) was by Don Woods, 82-11-14.
       Compiled by Guy L. Steele Jr., Raphael Finkel, Donald Woods, Geoff
       Goodfellow and Mark Crispin, with assistance from the MIT and Stanford
       AI communities and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Some contributions
       were submitted via the ARPAnet from miscellaneous sites.