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 MOBY [seems to have been in use among model railroad fans years ago.
       Entered the world of AI with the Fabritek 256K moby memory of MIT-AI.
       Derived from Melville's "Moby Dick" (some say from
       "Moby Pickle").] 1. adj. Large, immense, or complex. "A
       moby frob." 2. n. The maximum address space of a machine, hence
       3. n. 256K words, the size of a PDP-10 moby. (The maximum address
       space means the maximum normally addressable space, as opposed to the
       amount of physical memory a machine can have. Thus the MIT PDP-10s
       each have two mobies, usually referred to as the "low moby"
       (0-777777) and "high moby" (1000000-1777777), or as
       "moby 0" and "moby 1". MIT-AI has four mobies of
       address space: moby 2 is the PDP-6 memory, and moby 3 the PDP-11
       interface.) In this sense "moby" is often used as a generic
       unit of either address space (18. bits' worth) or of memory (about a
       megabyte, or 9/8 megabyte (if one accounts for difference between 32.-
       and 36.-bit words), or 5/4 megacharacters). 4. A title of address
       (never of third-person reference), usually used to show admiration,
       respect, and/or friendliness to a competent hacker. "So, moby
       Knight, how's the CONS machine doing?" 5. adj. In backgammon,
       doubles on the dice, as in "moby sixes", "moby
       ones", etc. MOBY FOO, MOBY WIN, MOBY LOSS: standard emphatic
       forms. FOBY MOO: a spoonerism due to Greenblatt.