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 HACK n. 1. Originally a quick job that produces what is needed, but
       not well. 2. The result of that job. 3. NEAT HACK: A clever technique.
       Also, a brilliant practical joke, where neatness is correlated with
       cleverness, harmlessness, and surprise value. Example: the Caltech
       Rose Bowl card display switch circa 1961. 4. REAL HACK: A crock
       (occasionally affectionate). v. 5. With "together", to throw
       something together so it will work. 6. To bear emotionally or
       physically. "I can't hack this heat!" 7. To work on
       something (typically a program). In specific sense: "What are you
       doing?" "I'm hacking TECO." In general sense:
       "What do you do around here?" "I hack TECO." (The
       former is time-immediate, the latter time-extended.) More generally,
       "I hack x" is roughly equivalent to "x is my bag".
       "I hack solid-state physics." 8. To pull a prank on. See
       definition 3 and HACKER (def #6). 9. v.i. To waste time (as opposed to
       TOOL). "Watcha up to?" "Oh, just hacking." 10.
       HACK UP (ON): To hack, but generally implies that the result is
       meanings 1-2. 11. HACK VALUE: Term used as the reason or motivation
       for expending effort toward a seemingly useless goal, the point being
       that the accomplished goal is a hack. For example, MacLISP has code to
       read and print roman numerals, which was installed purely for hack
       value. HAPPY HACKING: A farewell. HOW'S HACKING?: A friendly greeting
       among hackers. HACK HACK: A somewhat pointless but friendly comment,
       often used as a temporary farewell. [The word HACK doesn't really have
       69 different meanings. In fact, HACK has only one meaning, an
       extremely subtle and profound one which defies articulation. Which
       connotation a given HACK-token has depends in similarly profound ways
       on the context. Similar comments apply to a couple other hacker jargon
       items, most notably RANDOM. - Agre]