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 FROBNICATE v. To manipulate or adjust, to tweak. Derived from
       FROBNITZ (q.v.). Usually abbreviated to FROB. Thus one has the saying
       "to frob a frob". See TWEAK and TWIDDLE. Usage: FROB,
       TWIDDLE, and TWEAK sometimes connote points along a continuum. FROB
       connotes aimless manipulation; TWIDDLE connotes gross manipulation,
       often a coarse search for a proper setting; TWEAK connotes
       fine-tuning. If someone is turning a knob on an oscilloscope, then if
       he's carefully adjusting it he is probably tweaking it; if he is just
       turning it but looking at the screen he is probably twiddling it; but
       if he's just doing it because turning a knob is fun, he's frobbing it.

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