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 CRUFTY [from "cruddy"] adj. 1. Poorly built, possibly
       overly complex. "This is standard old crufty DEC software".
       Hence CRUFT, n. shoddy construction. Also CRUFT, v. [from hand cruft,
       pun on hand craft] to write assembler code for something normally (and
       better) done by a compiler. 2. Unpleasant, especially to the touch,
       often with encrusted junk. Like spilled coffee smeared with peanut
       butter and catsup. Hence CRUFT, n. disgusting mess. 3. Generally
       unpleasant. CRUFTY or CRUFTIE n. A small crufty object (see FROB);
       often one which doesn't fit well into the scheme of things. "A
       LISP property list is a good place to store crufties (or, random
       cruft)." [Note: Does CRUFT have anything to do with the Cruft Lab
       at Harvard? I don't know, though I was a Harvard student. - GLS]