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 BOGUS (WPI, Yale, Stanford) adj. 1. Non-functional. "Your
       patches are bogus." 2. Useless. "OPCON is a bogus
       program." 3. False. "Your arguments are bogus." 4.
       Incorrect. "That algorithm is bogus." 5. Silly. "Stop
       writing those bogus sagas." (This word seems to have some, but
       not all, of the connotations of RANDOM.) [Etymological note from
       Lehman/Reid at CMU: "Bogus" was originally used (in this
       sense) at Princeton, in the late 60's. It was used not particularly in
       the CS department, but all over campus. It came to Yale, where one of
       us (Lehman) was an undergraduate, and (we assume) elsewhere through
       the efforts of Princeton alumni who brought the word with them from
       their alma mater. In the Yale case, the alumnus is Michael Shamos, who
       was a graduate student at Yale and is now a faculty member here. A
       glossary of bogus words was compiled at Yale when the word was first
       popularized (e.g., autobogophobia: the fear of becoming bogotified).]