Lisp in Person

Wed 6 Feb 2019

The Bay Area Lisp and Scheme Users Group meets a few times every year to discuss computer science, design, human-computer interaction, complex systems development, programming languages, compiler optimization, cryptography, computer music, artificial intelligence, and other topics from a Lisp and Scheme point of view. I'm a member and co-organizer of the group.

Our meetings are typically organized around one long-form talk and a few five-minute lightning talks, followed by snacks and chatting. I've learned a lot about many interesting projects by attending.

I've been video-recording many of the talks and putting them on YouTube. To date, we have thirty-two talks on our playlist, including these long-form talks:

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, please join us for our next meeting. We're a friendly group, and we'd love to meet you and hear about your Lisp and Scheme projects, too. And if you'd like to give a talk, please send me a note.

(By the way, I've automated much of the video post-production work in Scheme. I wrote a wrapper around FFmpeg that takes much of the complexity out of using it. I plan to write about that in a future blog post.)