Europe Through the Back Door, 2002


In May, 2002, we went on a second Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door tour, The Best of Village Europe (no longer offered), this time with Kristine's parents. We visited Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain in just over three weeks. We want to go back! Once again, the Rick Steves travel experience was fantastic.

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St. Anne's church
Burg and fish market (vismarkt) and canal from tower
Churches from tower
Burg from tower
Our hotel from the canal boat
Burghers' Lodge from canal boat
Flowers near our hotel, from canal boat
Tower that Dick and Arthur later climbed, from canal boat
Tower that Dick and Arthur later climbed, from canal boat
From canal boat
Tower of Notre Dame from canal boat
Burghers's Lodge from below
Statue of Jan van Eyck in front of reconstruction of medieval crane
Burghers' Lodge, a meeting hall
Alley and meeting hall -- Burghers' Lodge
Tower of the Jerusalem church
Tower of the Jerusalem church
Beautiful courtyard we passed on a walk
Intersection of canals near Begijnhof
Tiny courtyard and well at Begijnhof
our hotel room window in Brugge
Near windmills and canal ringing Brugge
Tulips at Minnewater
Beautiful building on canal
Skull over Brugge city gate at Smedenpoort
Brugge canal with birds
Belfry and Halles
Belfry and Halles
under tower at Belfry and Halles
Hotel Ter Reien in Brugge, Belgium