Europe Through the Back Door, 1999


In June and July, 1999, we went on a Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door trip. We visited the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France in just over three weeks. It was a wonderful tour, and a terrific introduction to the continent. I want to go back!

I couldn't possibly recommend a tour company more highly. The trip was extremely well organized, our guides were terrific in every way, and we did an awful lot of traveling without feeling rushed.

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Tree and building in Rothenburg
The walk above the town wall in Rothenburg
Cute house in Rothenburg
Enormous room contained in town wall of Rothenburg
Cute house in Rothenburg
A view into the courtyard of our hotel in Rothenburg, Germany
Architecture of Rothenburg, Germany
Crooked house in Rothenburg, Germany
The famous cuckoo clock of Rothenburg, Germany
The skyline in Rothenburg, Germany
Our tour guide in Rothenburg, Germany
Town wall and flowers from below, in Rothenburg