Photo Exhibits


My wife and I love to travel. For many years, starting when I was still using a film camera, I published photos from our trips here. Back then, sharing photos on one's personal web site was all the rage. I'm keeping this modest collection of photos up here just in case someone still has links to them. (For example, someone used to link to my photo of the omphalos, or navel of the world, at Delphi, and got angry at me when I broke their link.)

Europe Through the Back Door, 1999

In June and July, 1999, we went on a Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door trip. We visited the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France in just over three weeks. It was a wonderful tour, and a terrific introduction to the continent. I want to go back!

I couldn't possibly recommend a tour company more highly. The trip was extremely well organized, our guides were terrific in every way, and we did an awful lot of traveling without feeling rushed.

Japan, 2000

In August, 2000, we visited Japan. We visited my brother Joe, who taught English in Fukuoka at the time. Next, we visited Kyoto with Joe and his girlfriend (and now wife) Akiko, then traveled by ourselves to Tokyo.

Europe Through the Back Door, 2002

In May, 2002, we went on a second Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door tour, The Best of Village Europe (no longer offered), this time with Kristine's parents. We visited Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain in just over three weeks. We want to go back! Once again, the Rick Steves travel experience was fantastic.

East Brother Light House, 2003

In February, 2003, we stayed over night at the bed and breakfast at East Brother Lighthouse in San Francisco bay. We stayed in the Marin Room. It was a wondeful experience, with beautiful views, excellent weather, delicious food, and innkeepers who were a lot of fun.

Greece, 2004In May, 2004, we traveled through Greece on yet another terrific Rick Steves tour.
France, 2005

In April, 2005, we took a one-week trip to France to see family. We had a wonderful time exploring Paris for a few days, then snuck off to see Monet's garden at Giverny, only a short train ride away. Later, we made our second trip to Strasbourg together. Finally, we returned to Paris for a few days, and enjoyed a night-time sightseeing ride on the Seine on a Paris Vedette. It's hard to believe we saw so much beauty in just one week.