Our final destination was Athens, where we had begun our trip. To the left is the view from our hotel room. You can see the enormous columns of the nearby Temple of Zeus. The Acropolis is only a few blocks away.

At the beginning and end of the trip, we spent several days in Athens clambering around on the Acropolis and the extensive ruins below it; visiting the Benaki Museum; wandering through the Plaka and trying, successfully, to find our favorite restaurant there two weeks after we first discovered it; and sharing meals with our new friends and with the entire fantastic tour group. We even managed to buy some official Olympic shirts to wear while watching the 2004 games on television upon our return.

The past and present truly are intertwined in Athens. It's amazing that such a modern, growing city so naturally incorporates the Acropolis and other ancient buildings and sites. Even the subway, recently renovated and expanded in anticipation of the upcoming Olympic games, was full of museum exhibits, including ancient sculptures, vases, and ruins.

interior of colonnade among the ruins near the Acropolis

When we flew into Athens at the beginning of our trip, we were concerned about finding our way to our hotel in a country where we don't speak the language and even the alphabet is different. But thanks to our tour information packet, we knew exactly which bus to take. We easily bought a ticket and rode into Athens, getting off at Syntagma (Constitution) Square, where we transferred to the subway, whose English signs made it easy for us to understand, too.

Everywhere in Greece, we saw so much more than we've talked about here. We took 551 photos, and we made some great new friends. On these pages, we gave you just a taste of our experiences in this fantastic, relaxing country. Now it's your turn to travel to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell Greece for yourself!

We owe a huge debt of thanks to our tour guides Colin and Debi Jo. They brought Greece, both ancient and modern, alive for us on this wonderful trip. Wow.

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